UMEZ Arts Engagement Grants

UMEZ Arts Engagement Grants

These grants will be administered through a regranting organization; more information will be available later this fall.

The UMEZ Arts Engagement Grants program is designed to enhance the diversity and frequency of cultural presentations in Upper Manhattan. Grants are made to support artist-driven projects and organizations with budgets under $750,000 to make their work more widely available to the public. Unlike other UMEZ grants, applicants to the UMEZ Arts Engagement Grants may request funds to support programming and general operations.

In addition to eligibility requirements and restrictions, organizations must also observe the following criteria:

Size of Grant Grants are expected to range from $1,000 to $10,000.
Length of Grant
One year. Grantees may apply for funds for three consecutive years before taking one year off from funding.
Matching Requirement Grantees must show evidence or intent to obtain at least 25% of the project budget, either through income or in-kind donations and services.
Minimum Annual Operating Budget No minimum budget.  Oganizations applying to this grant may not have an annual operating budget larget than $750,000.
Application Deadline These grants will be administered through a regranting organization; more information will be available later this fall.
Filing and Financial Requirements
If incorporated, organizations must submit the last IRS 990. If the organization filed a 990N or IRS filing is not available for the most recently completed fiscal year, an itemized financial statement signed by the organization’s treasurer, bookkeeper, or accountant, or an audited statement  should be submitted. Individual artists or collectives must submit a financial statement for a completed project they have managed, preferably within the last four years, and of similar scale to the proposed project. The statement must reflect actual income and expenses.
Staffing Requirements Must have one identified leader.  All participating professional artists must be guaranteed a fee, indicated in the project budget.
Board Requirements If incorporated, must have an active, functioning board of directors.
Programming Requirements Applicants must have at least two years of programming activity within the past four years. All UMEZ-funded programs must take place in Upper Manhattan.
Fund Disbursement Funds will be disbursed in the same year the project is completed and in accordance with the term of the grant.