Making a Difference in Upper Manhattan


Our Impact

Hot Bread Kitchen / Photo: Jennifer May

Hot Bread Kitchen / Photo: Jennifer May

Business Investments

UMEZ supports projects that provide new job creation as well as those that would be under-capitalized without our loan capital. Rather than competing with traditional lenders, we tend to augment (or “gap fund”) the level of private capital provided.


Cultural Investments

UMEZ has established the Cultural Investment Fund (CIF) to support nonprofit cultural organizations and artist-driven projects in Upper Manhattan. Our grants build administrative capacity, support organizational development, and promote sustainability. These investments lead to greater visitorship, new jobs, increased economic activity and foster recognition for Upper Manhattan as one of the City's most dynamic cultural hubs.

Studio Museum in Harlem / Photo: Will Ragozzino

Studio Museum in Harlem / Photo: Will Ragozzino

Photo: Tyrone Rasheed

Photo: Tyrone Rasheed

Workforce Development

Our Workforce Development Initiative provides financial and technical assistance to catalyze employment and training in Upper Manhattan neighborhoods. Our goal is to facilitate access to quality jobs and career advancement opportunities for unemployed—and underemployed—residents.


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"Change is positive as long as the tide lifts all the boats. We're going to make sure all boats can be lifted."

– Kenneth Knuckles, UMEZ CEO


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